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Scarper Anti-Feather & Pig Bite Spray

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    Scarper Anti-Pecking Aerosol Spray, 300ml aerosol can to deter cannibalism, aggressive feather-pecking and tail-biting in livestock, a Vice Buster.

    To help deter aggressive birds, and to prevent cannibalism amongst your flock, use Scarper to spray on to the pecked areas of the victim birds.

    This 'spray-on Stockholm Tar' is an easy-to-use aerosol which makes application far less traumatic for the birds. It is particularly distasteful and will therefore stops them pecking at the feathers. Itcan be used by the smallholder or farmer on all livestock to help prevent tail biting amongst pigs.

    Note: Aerosols cannot be sent in the Royal Mail so delivery is by courier, hence delivery charge.

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