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Allen & Page Organic Mixed Corn 20kg

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    Soil Association Certified Organic Mixed Corn from Allen And Page.

    A nutritious blend of mixed corn made from organic wheat and maize. Best fed as a treat and as part of a healthy balanced diet alongside layers pellets. Corn is a very tasty mouth watering treat for poultry. Feeding one handful a day in the afternoon as part of a balanced diet is recommended. The corn will be digested overnight keeping the body temperature constant, this is ideal for winter months.

    Corn is best fed by scattering on the ground, allowing the chickens to peck away. This also keeps them busy and active. 
    You should store the corn in a cool dry area, preferably in a storage container away from the cheeky chickens who will do anything to get at these treats.

    Organic wheat, Organic maize, Organic soya oil.

    Protein 8.5%, Fibre 3%, Moisture 13.8%, Oil 2.8%, Ash 2%.

    Available in 5kg and 20kg bags. Based on feeding one handful a day to each chicken a 20kg bag will last around 80 days if you have 5 chickens.

    Feeding organic only feed to your poultry ensures the animals are not put at risk from chemicals often used in the production of non organic feeds believed to be harmful to both the chickens and the consumers of eggs. When the word organic is used, it is more than just the feed itself that is affected. Creating an organic feed is based on many principles which include: producing food to the highest quality with minimal processing, working within natural systems and cycles and ensuring sustainable crop rotations and using techniques that are not harmful to the land or wildlife as well as much more.

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