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Incubator Hire

Egg to Chick

Raising chicks from fertilised eggs in an incubator is a great learning experience for your pupils.  You can hire an incubator and brooder setup from Our Garden Hens from March onwards each year,  we offer an installation and advice service.

Our incubator package can be hired out to schools and other registered groups so that you can hatch your own chicks and see new life begin! The package includes an incubator, fertile eggs, chick food and a brooder. We can even supply day old chicks & brooder, if you do not wish to go through the hatching process.

The equipment supplied will be PAT tested, cleaned and sterilised. Both the incubator and brooder are completely contained, so there will be no mess.

We use the RCom 10 Pro incubator that holds a maximum of 10 eggs, it will be set up before it leaves our premises & is fully automatic. We have found these to be very popular with schools & nurseries, allowing full viewing of the hatching process.

We will come to your premises, install & setup an incubator with 10 fertile eggs & instructions. We will also supply the chick brooder, heat lamp with chick crumb, bedding, drinker & feeder for when the chicks hatch.

We will setup the incubator on a Monday & provide fertile eggs that should hatch mid-week after a couple of days. You will keep the chicks for another week & we will pick up the equipment on the second Friday.

Ideally we would need at least 4 weeks’ notice to ensure the availability of the incubator & fertile eggs.

Please contact us for more information and price list.