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Red Stop Solution

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    Red Stop Solution is a new treatment which allows you to protect your birds from red mite and northern mite
    by simply adding it to their drinking water. After ingestion, Red Stop Solution enters the blood stream and
    renders the blood indigestible and unattractive to the mites which stop feeding and die of starvation - and
    because they can't feed, they can't breed. Red Stop Solution contains 100% natural ingredients with no
    residues. The solution is composed of extracts of non-toxic plants: Thyme, Burdock, Tansy, Alcohol and
    Glycerol hydrate. Red Stop Solution has been thoroughly tested over the last 10 years on commercial sites
    throughout Europe and for the last year here in the UK; it has been proved beyond doubt that it is second to
    none as the ultimate natural weapon against red mite and northern mite. Red Stop Solution is completely
    safe for use with ALL birds in captivity including poultry and all other commercial egg laying birds. It does not
    have any affect on egg quality and therefore there is NO period of egg withdrawal. Red Stop Solution also
    has no effect on either the odour, colour or any other characteristics of the egg, and leaves no product
    residues in the egg, and being a natural, organic solution, any eggs laid during periods of treatment are not
    affected. Red Stop Solution equally has NO affect on breeding or hatchability.

    Red Stop Solution:
    · Reduces stress in birds from mites - birds relax - increased productivity
    · Easy to use simply add to drinking water - saves time and less labour involved
    · Approved for organic farming - no insecticides - natural ingredients
    Add 1ml of Red Stop Solution per 1 litre of drinking water daily for 10 days, then 1 day per week thereafter.
    (50ml of Red Stop Solution is sufficient to treat 6 birds over a 12 month period).

    * * Please Note: Do Not Mix Red Stop Solution with any other solution during treatment (i.e. Apple
    Cider Vinegar etc.) or the benefits of Red Stop Solution in the birds' bloodstream may be compromised.

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