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Bedsoft 20kg

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    BedSoft Original is easy to muck out, has a very low dust content, and is extremely unpalatable compared to traditional un-processed straw. It also produces far less muck!

    BedSoft straw is first processed using a unique shredding and chopping machine, it is then treated with a state of the art dust-extraction method before the special BedSoft bedding treatment is applied.

    All of the BedSoft bedding products receive the special BedSoft treatment, which has anti viral, antibacterial and insect repellant properties. The treatment leaves a bitter taste to discourage bed eating and this whole process is non-toxic leaving the bedding with a welcoming lemon fragrance.

    Bedsoft treatments include Trus-STEED’s fragrant Bio-Security products, preventing unpleasant odours, and protecting against harmful bacteria, funghi, viruses and spores.

    BedSoft Original is ideal for use in poultry nesting boxes as it provides a soft, warm absorbent bed.  It has the BedSoft treatment on it that stops any bed eating and produces a fresh aroma in the chicken house.  The treatment will not taint the taste of the eggs as it is quite mild and is not absorbed through the egg's porous shell.  BedSoft Original is a very popular choice for people who own chickens, especially those who keep them as pets and need a good bedding that will bio degrade quickly.

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